Case Studies

The A4I programme has run successfully 3 times before in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The Case Studies featured below illustrate the range of projects undertaken under the A4I Programme.

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SilverRay Ltd

Next-generation high-sensitivity X-ray detectors for a safer world
By using nanotechnology, SilverRay Ltd. is lowering the cost and increasing the sensitivity of X-ray detectors for use in medical, security and industrial settings.


Riskaware operates an oil spill response software platform called Marine Aware and they wanted to validate the accuracy of their model used to predict oil spill spreads.

Bramble Energy

Bramble Energy is a Fuel Cell manufacturer who uses printed circuit board (PCB) materials to manufacture their products. Moving from lab scale to printed circuit board manufacture scale effected the quality of the product and they wanted to find out why.


Adaptix is transforming radiology by bringing to market a technology that’ll enable 3D X-ray imaging to be cheaper, more widely available and truly portable throughout the world’s clinics and hospitals.      
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