Case Studies

The A4I programme has run successfully 3 times before in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

The Case Studies featured below illustrate the range of projects undertaken under the A4I Programme.

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Supporting the development of a novel product to ensure the safety of cell therapy treatments
Cell therapies, where living cells are transplanted in to a patient, are seen as the future of treatment in a number of therapeutic areas including diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Gold Standard Phantoms

NPL validates new MRI standard, advancing potential technique for Alzheimer’s diagnosis
MRI scanners are pivotal to diagnosing a wide range of conditions, but with new measurement approaches, they could be used to diagnose many more.

Bramble Energy

NPL analysis extends lifetime of new low-cost fuel cell
Hydrogen fuel cells hold huge potential as a source of clean, distributed energy generation. They efficiently convert hydrogen into electricity with only water as a by-product. Despite this promise, they remain expensive to produce and struggle to compete with energy from the grid.

AgPlus Diagnostics

Making rapid, portable diagnostics possible
NPL helps AgPlus solve materials chemistry challenge, unblocking the route to mass producing its diagnostic devices. Faster point-of-care diagnostics will allow earlier interventions to treat illness, and reduce patient anxiety associated with waiting for test results.


NPL helps Adaptix develop innovative materials for low-cost 3D medical imaging
Adaptix is developing an innovative new technology which could revolutionise medical imaging. 3D imaging for disease or trauma often relies on expensive CT scans, which deliver large radiation doses. Cheaper X-ray techniques only produce 2D scans.
Analysis for Innovators