Details of Round 5 Competition Published

Posted on 10 Jul 2019

Details of the A4I Round 5 competition have been published on the .gov website. There will be two competition streams:

  • Stream 1 - Projects up to 3 months - that can attract de minimis (100%) funding
  • Stream 2 - Projects up to 12 months - that will be grant funded


The aim of this 2 Phase competition is to match the best UK experts and cutting-edge facilities with companies that have analysis or measurement problems. Your application must describe the problem and estimate the value to your company of solving it.

Phase 1 is an expression of interest.

Successful applicants at this expression of interest (EoI) phase will be invited to brokerage sessions with relevant analysis for innovators (A4I) partners, arranged by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN). These will focus on approaches to solve the applicant’s problem.

Phase 2 is dependent on the success of phase 1. Successful applicants in phase 1 are invited to work with A4I funding partners to suggest joint projects to develop solutions for phase 2.

In A4I Round 5 there will be two funding streams

Stream 1 (£1 million)
This is for shorter projects funded under the de minims grant rules.
These projects can be up to 3 months duration and between £25k and £50k project cost.
Competition Overview

Stream 2 (£3 million)
This is for projects between 3 months and 12 months funded under the normal grant funding rules.
Total project costs between £25k and £300k.
Competition Overview

Analysis for Innovators