wearable chemical sensor - cortisol

Southwestsensor Ltd

National Measurement Laboratory at LGC
Round 1

The wearable chemical sensor-cortisol project is an industrial research project that will allow SouthWestSensor (SWS) Ltd to offer a novel chemical sensor device for the measurement of cortisol, to be used in hospitals, community care and sport science.

SWS Ltd has already established sensor devices for the measurement of chemical concentrations for a variety of biomarkers from body fluids such as glucose, lactate and thiols.

This project will set up a new collaboration between SWS and LGC group, to develop a novel device for continuous measurement of cortisol – an important hormone indicator to many diseases.

Because cortisol changes in circadian cycles, with the magnitude varying from person to person, the single point measurements currently performed in hospital do not give a representative picture of cortisol in the subject.

This new device will provide a step forward for the thorough and accurate measurement and better diagnostics of related diseases.

Since cortisol is linked to stress wearable devices can also provide a real time and continuous measurement of training effect and the body condition of elite athletes.

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