Tubing Defects

Welldata Subsurface Surveillance Systems Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 1

W3S has developed a patented technology for measuring fluid levels in oil and gas wells.

The sensor system uses the reflection of microwave radar signals to measure both single and multiple fluid interfaces to a high degree of accuracy in both static and dynamic conditions.

The outstanding feature of this technology is that it is wholly non-intrusive; the system can be permanently fitted to the wellhead and provide continuous, near real time feedback negating the need for a well intervention.

The current project aims to extend the capabilities of the system to detect (and, where possible, quantify) the presence of different types of defects in the tubing wall.

Types of defects to be considered within the programme include erosion, corrosion and scaling.

The success of the project will deliver a sensor capable of providing both fluid level information and condition monitoring of the production conduits.

Since the sensor may be installed permanently on the wellhead, the rate of defect formation may be recorded.

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