The development and characterisation of large area inorganic-organic hybrid X-ray imagers

SilverRay Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
National Measurement Laboratory at LGC
Round 3

SilverRay Ltd is a start-up company whose primary goal is to exploit the technology developed in large area high sensitivity broad-band X-ray detectors.

This proprietary technology has been demonstrated to be 2-3 orders of magnitude higher in its sensitivity than the conventional organic detectors; while operating at low voltage, and offer excellent conformability to non-planar surfaces.

The detector active material that has been patent protected consists of an ‘X-ray sensitive ink’ containing an interpenetrating network of organic material and inorganic nanoparticles.

The ‘X-ray sensitive ink’ can be used to coat films over any substrate, especially without constraints for flexible detectors.

Thus far, small area detectors (area < 1 cm2) have been developed with the scale-up currently being conducted by SilverRay Ltd.

Challenges lie within the production of a uniform component mixture in a thick film across the device and subsequently between pixel to pixel.

Films coated over large area will be characterised along with the A4I partners, to have a better understanding on how to optimise the X-ray sensitive ink and its fabrication processes for manufacture.

The outcome of this project will facilitate the company to have a better understanding on routes to optimise the active layer of the detector which would lead to higher performance imagers and faster response times, which will lead to higher specification detectors.


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