Stretchable Textile Electronics with Printing (STEP)

Textile Two Dimensional Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

Textile Two Dimensional Ltd is a wearable and textile electronics company which uses graphene based inks to print out electronic circuits onto textile substrates such as cotton and polyester.

In this manner, the aim of the company is also to build up devices by printing such as transistors, heaters and sensors.

This year we launched a range of conductive graphene electronic inks engineered for textile and different printing techniques (i.e. screen printing, spray coating and inkjet printing) to be sold to the printed electronics industry.

When deposited on textile the graphene films retain their conductivity even when bent (<4mm bending radius) and stretched (~2, stable and lower cost than metal and polymer inks currently being used in the printed electronics industry.

We are currently using these inks to manufacture wearable products which are high up the value chain.

However, we are limited to building our electronics on textiles which have a low strechability requirement ~2, however the fracture mechanics will need to be carefully monitored in a lab enviroment.

Moreover there are currently no strechability standards in the wearable and textile electronics industry so NPL is uniquely placed to develop these measurements and ultimately to contribute to the production of international standards.

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