Testing and Verification of Trace Ammonia Measurement Technologies

Mirico Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

High accuracy analysis of gas emissions at low concentrations is required for several industries from a regulatory, quality assurance, process improvement and environmental perspective.

Precision instrumentation developed to date require high maintenance, has limited operating ranges and fragile nature of instrumentation.

There is currently a particular limitation for ammonia (NH3) measurements.

Laser dispersion spectroscopy (LDS) chemical detection method is a novel patented technique that can meet demands of industry.

This project will provide MIRICO with its core instrument’s performance characteristics and validation in near-real life scenarios and extend capabilities at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) to fulfil these goals.

The outcome will result in a dramatic reduction in time to market for MIRICO’s products, increase market adaptability of MIRICO’s innovation, impact on design & manufacturing of our analyser which all equates to significant savings that would otherwise be out of reach for MIRICO.

LDS will establish a new class of instrumentation, offering for the first time a real time accurate analyser, which is immune to dirty environments, can measure a broad range of pollutant concentrations, and offer high stability even in highly turbid atmospheres making it ideal for remote detection and analysis of NH3.

The development will lead to a pre-production system for emissions monitoring in an industrial environment.

Project elements include all aspects on instrument development, integration, testing & validation.

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