State-of-the-art Measurement of Superconducting Quantum Computing Processors

SeeQC UK Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Round 3

SeeQC UK(SeeQC) is developing a Quantum-as-a-Service platform which will be available to all UK companies.

To rapidly develop this platform, we must solve the problem of how to measure and analyse the performance of SeeQC and other emerging state-of-the-art quantum computing platforms.

Measurements and analysis benchmarks must be performed via a method that can impartially compare and contrast the key performance metrics that underpin the performance of SeeQC hardware and that of our competitors.

Only via rigorous and impartial measurement and analysis of Quantum Processor Units (QPUs), will SeeQC prove the competitive advantage of our technology to our customer base.

To bring our QaaS platform to market, SeeQC must address two key measurement and analysis challenges:
1. We must create a measurement capability that allows SeeQC to efficiently access the specialist Superconducting quantum measurement facilities available to private companies in the UK.
2. We must develop impartial QPU benchmarking algorithms that confirm to our customers that we have addressed the specifications promised and that our processor have a competitive advantage in performance against alternative QPUs.

For SeeQC to efficiently access superconducting quantum measurement facilities, we need to develop an advanced portable measurement system and cryostat sample cell.

This system must self-calibrating against the ultra-low temperature facilities systems SeeQC can gain commercial access to in the UK.

This flexible approach to QPU product development is an innovative business operation and has three key advantages:
1. Ultra-low temperature facilities are prohibitively expensive to purchase and operate. Gaining commercial access to this specialist equipment on an as-needs basis lowers SeeQC’s operational costs significantly.
2. The flexibility to access the various low temperature facilities available in the UK will significantly increase our R&D bandwidth and productivity.
3. Accessing pre-existing tested and maintained specialist facilities significantly de-risks our company operations from an investment point of view. SeeQC will work with NPL to test the feasibility of our multi-facility access scheme.

Successful automated calibration and consistent sample characteristic measurements via MK1 of the portable system will confirm the feasibility of SeeQC’s capital equipment access scheme.

SeeQC will work with STFC to test the feasibility of incorporating our QPUs with classical HPC systems; a crucial step towards creating our commercially accessible QaaS platform.

Furthermore, STFC will determine a set of analysis criteria that characterise QPU performance against commercially valuable applications and Identify a set of generic benchmarks, that could test and rank SeeQC QPU’s against the our competitors.

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