SPM of h-BN Nanoflakes and Networks for Advanced Thermal and Electrical Additive Materials (A-TEAM)

Cambridge Graphene Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

Hexagonal boron nitride, hBN, is a layered material like graphene that can be exfoliated down into single two-dimensional sheet like atomic layers with an interesting set of thermal and electronic properties.

Using patented processes, we have trademarked a hBN product, Hexotene, which is the latest addition to our high performance 2D product range.

However, we know very little information regarding its structural and physical properties and, therefore, which of our patented production routes can produce the highest quality hBN materials.

If we can understand more of these aforementioned properties using highly specialize instruments at the NPL, we can benefit greatly by being able to extend our market position within the printed electronics, thermal management and nanocomposite sectors.

These materials advancements will bring great benefits by replacing or enhancing conventional materials and developing a range of novel technologies.

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