Screening rancidity of coconut cream

The Coconut Collaborative Ltd

National Measurement Laboratory at LGC
Science and Technology Facilities Council
Round 1

The project is to develop an on-line method for screening and detecting the rancidity and quality of coconut cream.

The objective is to be able to detect traces of rancid coconut cream ahead of its use in the production of coconut Yogurt, with production yield and quality control benefits.

The outcome of the project is likely to have wider applicability in the UK since coconut cream is a growing alternative to dairy ingredients in an increasing number of foods.

The project is lead by The Coconut Collaborative, an innovative manufacturer of Coconut Yogurts and supported by LGC and STFC who will respectively investigate the suitability and sensitivity of Multispectral Imaging and Raman spectroscopy as an on line measurement method for screening for coconut cream rancidity.

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