Safety impact of digitised RF signal broadcast in a complex RF environment

Steelrock Technologies Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

The Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 has prevented the testing, development and sale of SteelRock Technologies’ (SRT) life-saving counter-UAV / future low level airspace management equipment.

In order to address this regulatory / legal challenge, a programme of testing and measurement is required a) to establish a robust safety case for SteelRock Technologies’ equipment b) to differentiate this technology from analogue jamming systems and c) to support the obtaining of CE marking for the commercial use of this equipment.

A safety case will be established by working with the National Physical Laboratory, to undertake a number of measurements/tests (measurement and analysis of wave form patterns generated by the equipment) that will deliver data-sets to support a robust safety case, differentiation from other similarly categorised technologies, and the reduced risk of collateral effect when using our technology.

The project will be undertaken in both laboratory and ‘real-world’ settings, ensuring that base-line data-sets can be compared with the operation of the equipment in an operational setting.

The potential benefits of this project are wide-ranging, from the establishing a safety case for the use of this equipment for life-saving purposes (protecting people and critical national infrastructure) to the creation of a new low level airspace management market in the UK.

Both the safety and economic potential that this project hopes to enable will have a lasting impact on the United Kingdom.

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