Real World Validation of Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy


National Physical Laboratory
Round 1

With growing concerns on environmental pollution and its adverse impact on human health, it has become increasingly important to measure and control industrial processes, reduce emissions from fossil fuel power plants, and better understand the ambient air quality around us.

To date, precision instrumentation capable of high sensitivity and accurate concentration measurements are cumbersome to use, require continuous calibration and maintenance, and often limited to use in controlled environments.

MIRICO’s Laser Dispersion Spectroscopy technology is a revolutionary approach for highly sensitive measurements of gases, offering high versatility and enabling new approaches to emission monitoring that provides more realistic, robust and reliable data of emission sources.

In collaboration with NPL, MIRICO will test this new spectroscopic technique, utilising NPL’s state of the art facilities to demonstrate the technologies superior performance in demanding environments.

The resulting technology will improve environmental measurements, enhance product yields in industrial processes, and provide policy makers with the tools to reduce emissions of pollutants and enhance the ambient air quality to mitigate the impact on human health.

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