Gas Sensing on High Surface Area Graphene Foam Electrode

RD Graphene Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

RD graphene (RDG) has developed a novel, ambient process to produce pure 3D foam-like graphene electrodes that can be produced in seconds and cost-effectively on reel-to-reel equipment.

This completely removes the barrier to commercialization for next generation, graphene-enhanced products.

RDG currently uses its limited resources to develop graphene super-capacitors.

Demonstrated performance of these already match best-in-class commercially available products, which validates the high quality of the manufactured product and commercial exploitation is planned for the next couple of years.

Another potential market that RDG wants to exploit is based upon graphene’s incorporation in Field Effect Transistors (GFETs), which exploits the exceptional electronic properties graphene is expected to exhibit.

GFETs are able to tune the properties of the graphene in order to controllably incorporate them into devices for real-world applications, for example, gas detection.

Should this study confirm that GFET on RDG’s electrode is feasible and as good as expected this will add additional, multi-billion Pound market opportunities which RDG is eager to exploit.

Opportunities are: transistors, sensors, solar panels, LEDs, antennae and many more.

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