Phase change control by very low power ultrasound

Lewtas Science & Technologies Ltd

Science and Technology Facilities Council
Round 1

The use of very low power ultrasound to significantly affect phase changes such as crystallisation has been discovered, patented (GB1603981.1 and PCT filed on 7th March 2017) and published (J Chem Phys 145, 2016).

Many applications are already being developed in several industries but we believe that this technology should be applicable to all materials and many other applications.

We are a very small company and looking at the most attractive markets will take too much time if we do it empirically.

We need to understand this phenomenon at the molecular level during molecular clustering prior to and during nucleation and subsequent crystallisation – in real time.

This will give us the knowledge to refine and target the technology much quicker and, most importantly, help define our IP strategy for future competitive advantage.

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