Measuring Hydroxyls & Other Radicals to Optimise our Disinfection Process

Air Quality Research Ltd

National Measurement Laboratory at LGC
Round 1

Air Quality Research Ltd (AQR) has developed a novel energy-saving non-chemical process for disinfection of fluids.

This is achieved by generating a suite of charged radical species, including Hydroxyls, which are recognised as Nature’s most effective disinfection agents.

To date, AQR lacks a detailed understanding of the suite of charged radicals generated by the novel AQR disinfection process, preventing further product enhancements and restricting AQR to markets with batch disinfection process needs.

The proposed project aims to quantitatively measure the proportion of Hydroxyl radicals as a function of the system performance.

This will help AQR optimise the disinfection process and improve this capability so that the current batch treatment process can be speeded up and scaled up.

The project will also explore how to selectively generate Hydroxyls to maximise the disinfection potential for a single-pass treatment process, to deliver a higher value proposition.

The project will enable AQR to offer an enhanced product in existing and new markets, targeting industrial wastewater treatment at the point of production, prior to discharge to sewer drainage or environmental waters.

This will offer cost-savings for wastewater re-use and reduced wastewater treatment and environmental benefits in terms of compliance with strict environmental regulations and control of emerging chemical contaminants.

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