Measurement and Analysis of Bicycle Lubricants to Optimise Friction Reduction and Characterise Environmental Impact

Muc-Off Ltd

National Measurement Laboratory at LGC
National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

Muc-Off strive to take the ‘myth and anecdote’ out of bicycle chain lubrication by the application of good science and results-based data.

The tribology (wear and friction) of chain links is extremely complex with many components in the chain undergoing different friction regimes, and for this reason much testing is on application-based Dynamometers.

For the development of the next generation of lubricants we will rely more heavily on chemical analysis and fast repeatable tribology testing.

This will allow:
* A better, more transparent, understanding of the performance and environmental impact for the consumer
* Faster product development
* More targeted performance gains
* Less development iterations.

The research will create a novel measurement and analysis process to determine and score lubricant component’s performance and environmental impact.

The research also includes a fast, highly repeatable, novel process to measure and analyse the performance and durability.

This will be validated on our application specific Dynamometers.

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