Low Temperature Plasma Ion Source Electrode Optimisation and Performance Characterisation

Mass Spec Analytical Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

This innovation demonstrates a new method to detect traces of substances of interest directly from a surface for analysis by a Mass Spectrometer.

A mass spectrometer can confidently identify a compound by its mass.

Analysing trace substances using mass spectrometry is the most reliable, future-proof method for a wide range of analytical chemistry research and development applications as well as finding direct application in the field of forensic investigations and public safety.

The detection of drugs of abuse and explosives has been successfully demonstrated with earlier prototypes of this innovation.

Coupling this innovation with a mass spectrometer allows for a rapid screening method that has high sensitivity and confidence.

This innovation can rapidly analyse a large surface area, such as a swab, much faster than other comparable existing technologies.

Additionally, unlike existing technology, this innovation does not require solvents or expensive gases which reduce the environmental impact and increases laboratory throughput.

Ideal for the rapid analysis of substances in analytical chemistry applications, the innovation could also be applied to the protection of transportation hubs and crowded places for security purposes.

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