Internal structure of energetic materials

The Falcon Project Ltd

Science and Technology Facilities Council
Round 1

Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) has the potential to make production of rocket motors, explosives, and pyrotechnics, safer, quicker, and more responsive to customer requirements.

Falcon has led the development of techniques and equipment to facilitate RAM mixing for energetic solid fuel propellants.

While the potential of RAM is demonstrated (Falcon has made the biggest rocket motor in the world to be successfully fired with resonant acoustically mixed propellants and the world’s first live “mixed in case” rocket motor), it is necessary to understand the fundamental processes that occur in the mixing vessel during mixing.

This can only be achieved using the X-ray tomography and radiography capabilities at the Diamond Light Source, to monitor the mixing process and better understand the oxidiser, metal and additive distribution within the polymer matrix which makes up a composite rocket propellant.

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