iFLAG: innovation in Fast buLk Analysis of Graphene

FGV Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 1

As graphene matures, production of the material is scaling up due to applications of the material moving from the lab into commercial sectors.

However, a major problem still faced by graphene producers is the ability to rapidly characterise the properties of graphene flakes as industry-scale quantities of graphene powder are generated.

FGV Cambridge Nanosystems and the National Physical Laboratory are working together under the iFLAG project to investigate the feasibility of rapid analysis techniques that can be used to monitor graphene produced in a real-world graphene reactor.

This will enable near real-time analysis of flakes, speeding up the characterisation process and allowing rapid iteration of equipment modifications needed as the reactors are scaled up to meet increasing industry demand for graphene.vv

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