Hyperspectral / multispectral dynamic calibration

Archangel Imaging Ltd

Science and Technology Facilities Council
Round 3

The project involves detailed calibration of Hyperspectral Imagers and accompanying sensors, with parallel development and test of improved machine vision approaches for hybrid data sets (spectrometer/narrowband/RGB/hypercube).

The key objectives are to: * Produce a repeatable, accurate and reliable dynamic calibration in different illumination conditions (WP1) * Produce improved algorithms for use on data sets generated by multiple units against a range of materials (WP2) These objectives support the development of a flexible hyperspectral multi-mission payload for future exploitation (both commercial and scientific).

The main areas of focus are the calibration activity in WP1 as this has hampered internal developments within Archangel Imaging to date.

The application of machine vision to hyperspectral data on the edge, the development of a working dynamic calibration method and the development of algorithms in parallel with the calibration method (focusing on development for transferability) would all be innovative as individual elements.

The exploitation relies on all three innovative areas progressing together.

There are numerous wider opportunities for collaboration as RAL Space and Archangel Imaging appear well matched with complementary capabilities (World leading instrumentation and calibration with World leading edge AI capabilities for deployed systems).

Analysis for Innovators