Feasibility of A Suite of Analytical Methods for Characterisation of Active Virosome Vaccine Candidates

Activirosomes Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

Activirosomes develops effective, affordable vaccines to respond quickly to new infection outbreaks and to prevent and protect against serious illnesses in humans and other animals.

We have developed a series of Active Virosomes (AV) vaccines to pre-clinical proof of concept stage: we demonstrated that they are immunogenic and create a protective effect in small animal models of the relevant infectious diseases.

We must characterise and optimise them before starting toxicology and pharmacokinetic studies, and as an essential requirement for regulatory approval.

However, we have four analysis and characterisation problems that are currently a barrier to progress.

This project explores solutions.

This project aims to demonstrate feasibility of solving them using a series of analytical methods proposed by our A4I partner, NPL.

Activirosomes and NPL bring together the expertise and facilities to perform the study described in this application and will work together to interpret and apply the results.

The results of the studies and their interpretation may identify other barriers or related sub-problems that need investigation before we can implement the solutions.

The results will also enable us to determine whether additional facilities or expertise are needed to solve the problem, in addition to those used in this study.

We will explore these additional barriers in follow-up studies.

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