Dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy treatment planning (Stage 1 - no 23440)

Mirada Medical Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

Molecular radiotherapy is a treatment modality for cancer.

It involves the administration of radioactive atoms attached to carrier molecules, with the aim of locally irradiating tumours.

Many of these treatments are prescribed empirically or are administered using fixed quantities of radioactivity.

Optimizing these treatments and personalizing them to individual patients is likely to improve their efficacy.

This is not widely performed in clinical practice because of the complexity of accurately measuring the absorbed radiation dose to each disease site.

The goal of this project is to develop a prototype software package for organ-level dosimetry, with the aim of improving treatment efficacy by optimization and personalisation of the administered dose.

Our ultimate aim is to facilitate the wider implementation of dosimetry for molecular radiotherapy as to help improve cancer outcomes within the NHS.

This software package will integrate the best measurement practice for dosimetry, as indicated by the NPL, with Mirada Medical’s world-class image registration and image analysis technology.

The Royal Surrey County Hospital will provide clinical steering to this project.

There are three major components of this project: A calibration module, a patient scan processing module and a dose calculation module.

While there are a few available commercial packages for performing molecular radiotherapy dosimetry, none have fully addressed all the metrological challenges at each stage of the complex calculation process.

The opportunity to develop a software package in collaboration with a metrology institute, quantifying the uncertainty at each step in the process, can lead to a more accurate tool which can be used to improve patient outcomes.

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