Dispersion Analysis of Graphene in Laminated Composites (DiAGra)

Haydale Composite Solutions Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 1

Graphene is the world’s first 2D material and since its isolation in 2004 it has captured the attention of scientists, researchers and industry worldwide.

<pIt is ultra-light yet immensely tough.

It is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly flexible.

< It is the thinnest material possible as well as being transparent.

Graphene and other nanofillers can be used in polymer composites to enhance mechanical and physical properties for example increased tensile strength, tensile modulus, impact strength, electrical and thermal conductivity and to reduce exotherms.

< However graphene is an inert carbon nanomaterial which is prone to aggregation and difficult to disperse within a polymer matrix.

< HCS has access to a patented functionalisation process at its sister company Haydale Ltd in South Wales.

< Functionalisation helps with the dispersion of the graphene within the polymer matrix.

To optimise the use of graphene as a reinforcement in composite materials requires a knowledge of where the graphene is within the structure of the laminated materials and how well dispersed it is.

This project will use the knowledge and analytical capabilities of NPL to assist Haydale Composite Solutions to better disperse the graphene within laminated composite materials and to better understand how to influence the properties on an industrial scale.

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