Curing Characteristics of the TC275-1 epoxy resin

Airbus Defence and Space Ltd

National Physical Laboratory
Round 3

The curing characteristics of the TC275-1 resin system will be investigated using state of the art thermal and chemical analysis techniques at NPL.

A new method will be established to assess the degree of cure of this composite resin system that will be reliable and consistent.

The ability to measure the degree of cure will allow Airbus to use a new resin in the manufacture of the lightweight composite structure of its telecommunication satellites.

This will enable Airbus to develop new out-of-autoclave manufacturing processes that will provide significant cost savings by simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing build-times.

The cost advantage will offer a significant commercial advantage over non UK competitors.

In financial terms, if this enables us to win just one new contract for a satellite, it would be worth over £10 million to the UK economy.

The use of this new resin will also increase the British content of our satellites, replacing an overseas resin supplier with a UK based manufacturer.

This will secure jobs not only at Airbus in Stevenage, but also within the supply chain.

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