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Innovate UK


Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency working with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy.

Innovate UK is an organisation of around 250 staff, drawn mainly from business and with a head office in Swindon. Now part of UK Research and Innovation. Since 2007 the organisation has invested over £1.5 billion in innovation, matched by a further £1.5 billion in partner and business funding.

Knowledge Transfer Network


The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives.

KTN is the network partner of Innovate UK.

KTN links new ideas and opportunities with expertise, markets and finance through our network of businesses, universities, funders and investors. From agri-food to autonomous systems and from energy to design, KTN combines in-depth knowledge in all sectors with the ability to cross boundaries.

National Engineering Laboratory


NEL provide leading independent consultancy, calibration and testing, research and development, training and knowledge transfer services to industry. As the holder of the UK’s National Standards for flow and density measurement, NEL is one of the foremost authorities on flow measurement issues in the world today.

NEL’s services are delivered by a team of 80 expert consultants, scientists and engineers utilising the facilities of a ISO17025, UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory (No. 0009) – one of the foremost laboratories for fluid flow measurement in the world.

National Measurement Laboratory at LGC


LGC deliver world-leading chemical and bio-measurement science (metrology) to improve quality of life, promote economic growth in the UK and ensure the sound basis for trade based on a harmonised international system of accurate and reliable measurements.

LGC underpin confidence in chemical and bio-measurement needs through our state-of-the-art measurement capabilities addressing measurement challenges of the future to foster innovation.

LGC work in partnership with governments, intermediaries and private sector organisations to support measurement needs in healthcare, food, environmental sustainability, national security and energy.

National Physical Laboratory


The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK’s National Measurement Institute, and is a world-leading centre of excellence in developing and applying the most accurate measurement standards, science and technology available. For more than a century NPL has developed and maintained the nation’s primary measurement standards.

These standards underpin the National Measurement System infrastructure of traceability throughout the UK and the world that ensures accuracy and consistency of measurement. NPL ensures that cutting-edge measurement science and technology have a positive impact in the real world. NPL delivers world-leading measurement solutions that are critical to commercial research and development, and support business success across the UK and the globe.

Science and Technology Facilities Council


The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) is a multidisciplinary research and innovation organisation at the forefront of UK science and technology. STFC provides specialist facilities, environments and people to support industry to de-risk innovation and solve industrial challenges, enhancing business growth and productivity.

STFC is part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

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